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Tired of staring at a blank page? Not sure how to move your current WIP forward? Need an extra set of eyes on your manuscript before it goes to print? I provide professional editing and writing services for creatives just like you!

Professional Editing

We accept both short and long-form submissions from women writers who have finished drafts ready for editorial assessments.

Types of Editing You May Need:

Developmental Editing provides the writer with big-picture feedback on areas such as plot, character development, and story arc.

Copy Editing looks at readability, and includes a more in-depth dive into issues like clarity, consistency, and cohesiveness throughout your manuscript.

Proofreading is the final editing process, and requires a keen eye to seek out all inconsistencies in spelling. grammar, typography, and more.

Fact-Checking looks for informational inconsistencies. Some developmental and copy editors will help with this, but for niche markets, a fact checker is crucial to your manuscript.


4-8 Weeks


Base: $250+

Professional Writing

In an age where a strong creative strategy involves blogs, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media copy, and so much more, you can become overwhelmed and overworked trying to wear all these hats while also pursuing your creative goals. I love coming alongside creatives and writers to evaluate where you can automate systems, delegate content, and streamline content to free up time for your most-inspired work.

Types of Writing You May Need:

-Articles & Blogs
-Business Documents
-SEO Writing
-Social Media
-Website Copy


4-6 Weeks


Base: $250+

Creative Circle MVP

The Creative Circle MVP Package is designed for creatives who love co-working spaces and want professional feedback and direct support to move you through from ideation to launch. Inside three in-depth sessions, we cover and work through ideation, market research, design, testing. reimagining, and product launch.


3 Sessions



Meet Your Guide

Meet Your Guide

Hi! I’m Sarah–lover of coffee, pursuer of deep conversation, mother of five, and organizer of dreams. I’m passionate about helping coaches, creatives, and entrepreneurs empower build thriving businesses. Every day I live out the VISION to infuse the marketplace with clarity, hope, and joy. I’m always excited to collaborate with big-hearted, principled entrepreneurs across the United States.

I BELIEVE you are uniquely positioned within your community and sphere of influence to impact people, families, and generations with hope, freedom, and peace through the services you offer. I consider it MY MISSION to encourage, empower, and equip you with skills and tools for that journey.



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If you have a desire to move beyond routines that are no longer serving you, move forward in your creative work, and create new, inspired products, projects, and publications I’d love to talk with you.

An introductory call is a no-obligation conversation over coffee (or tea) with me, a creative who is passionate about women pursuing their purpose!

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