Three Strategic Goals I Set for 2024 & Key Strategies that can Help You Set Goals Too

No matter what you call them, we all know that goals are important for staying on track in our business and life. Most of us have read the statistics about how writing down your goals increases the likelihood you reach them. And many of us can recount the number of goals we wrote down and then quickly forgot.

Feeling deflated when reviewing last quarter’s goals, I set out to understand why they didn’t work, and today I want to share my process with you in hopes it will help you, too.

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The 3 Goals I Set & The Benefits of Each Kind

Goal 1: Make every effort to have three new calls each week.

This is called an achievement goal. This means that the goal is based on completing an action. Did I put in the effort to build new connections? Did I engage online and in my community through social and offline networking? Did I show up and put myself in new spaces with new people? If I did, then I “made every effort,” and can count this goal as accomplished for the week.

Why are achievement goals are good to build into your strategy? They are easy wins. You do the work–you get the gold star.

What is one achievement goal you could set this month? Next quarter? This year?

Goal 2: Begin each work day with your Morning Desk Routine: emails, to-do list, checking on clients and projects.

This is a habit goal. Habit goals are great for things like building work routines, setting solid boundaries around your schedule, and health and fitness. Another habit goal I have is to drink 1/2 to 1 gallon of water per day. Habit goals help you make small, incremental strides toward something bigger without feeling huge amounts of pressure if you miss a day (or a week). They are easy to jump right back in when you step outside the goal, too.

Goal 3: Increase your current revenue by 50%.

This is a revenue goal. It is admittedly my least favorite goal to set, and the goal I meet least often. When I sat down at the end of quarter one this year, I had to self-reflect and figure out why I wasn’t meeting my modest revenue goals each quarter.

Want to know the hard truth? The numbers didn’t translate into actionable and controllable steps. I simply set it and forget it. I thought if I just focused on client work, I could meet my goal. I didn’t consider that meeting my goal might take greater intentionality on my part. So going into quarter two, I chose to make sure my first two goals were about replicating processes that would increase my interaction with existing and potential clients so that my revenue increasing would become a by-product of the client-nurturing habits I am building.

Expert Thoughts on Goal Setting

There are many goal experts out in the world, but two of my favorites are Michael Hyatt and Dave Ramsey. I appreciate their insight because when you put Hyatt’s goal setting boundaries on top of Ramsey’s goal-setting areas, you get a realistic and repeatable framework for the entire year.

Michael Hyatt suggests only setting 3 SMARTER (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time-Bound, Exciting, and Relevant) goals per quarter. Setting up what you hope to accomplish this way avoids overwhelm, encourages you to keep pushing toward the finish line, and allows you to really prioritize what is most important. For more on how to build SMARTER goals, and why they work, visit Full Focus Co.

Dave Ramsey suggests setting goals in 7 key areas of your life: Spiritual, Financial, Career, Intellectual, Health & Wellness, Family, & Social. Seven key areas seems like too many goals–and it is–but the key is to recognize that you can only focus on 2-3 per quarter, and you can’t focus on more than 2-3 in each area.

How does this translate into the real world? Well this quarter my highest priorities are my family, overall wellness, and career. So, I create 1 goal for each category. To make it even easier, because last quarter was ROUGH, I decided to focus this quarter ONLY on achievement and habit goals. These are goals that I can control, pivot, and replicate. They become part of my normal routine, and set me up to achieve some of the more elusive wins later in the year–like that 50% revenue increase I need!

So, go ahead and take a chance on creating some new benchmarks for your success! If you want some accountability, feel free to share one of your goals in the comments. I’d love to encourage you as you are intentional in your business!


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